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A Shoulder For You

We grieve with you.

We grieve with you because we love you. Not because we pretend to know your breaking heart. Not because we will ever feel exactly how you feel at this very moment. That grief you feel right now, that is your own, that is yours alone. Wallow in it for as long as you need. No one can say how long is enough.

But know that while your heart is breaking, so is ours. Not for the same reasons as you, but because we love you and hate to see you so sad. So what we will do is surround you with our arms, with our hearts, with our prayers. We will offer you food, tissues, a shoulder to cry on.

We will unfortunately also offer you our stories, our counsel, our advice. Ignore it. Only take the intention, and that is always love.

We will say silly things, insensitive things, obnoxious things. Again, ignore us. It is our nature to solve problems, relate to issues, refocus the grief. Ignore it all, except for the love. Our intentions are good but we are flawed. Only take the love, the heart of our intentions.

Because that is all we ultimately have to offer, our heart and a loving, soft shoulder.

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