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So What?

I’m in a “So What?” stage of life right now. Do you know this one? It’s that niggling feeling in the back of your mind that tells you to work out but really “so what?”. And it’s the extra hour of reading that has me looking at the clock going oh, no, it’s midnight, but “so what?”, tomorrow is Sunday, after all.

The “so whats” add up, though. And after a while, I find myself exhausted on Monday, wishing for a few more hours to get stuff done on Tuesday, and well, wishing Wednesday were Friday. Yeah, “so what” is a creepy little bugger.

Lately, I’ve had a lot of “so what” moments. I think it’s the after effects of having finished a really busy season in my life, completing a big project, and kind of being in that in between moment of complacency.

I know this time of life won’t last but letting “so what” edge its way in is not helpful. See, through repetition we form new habits, especially the bad ones. This one is an especially bad habit because it can lead to all sort of other seemingly minor little naughty habits. Like telling myself I have 15 extra minutes to sleep in the morning instead of getting stuff done. Or putting off that project on my desk that I know needs to get done but I also know exactly how long I can put off until I absolutely have to get it done (yeah, procrastination is a big by product of “so what”).

So, here I am writing this post, because in the background a file is downloading and technically I’m in a creative mode right now but also, I thought to myself I probably shouldn’t put it off any longer. I haven’t written here in a while and “so what” just wasn’t cutting it.

The “so what” is that life passes us by if we’re constantly telling ourselves that things don’t matter. It may seem like a little thing but think about how your kids see it, your husband, your friends, God. They all think you’re pretty amazing so give yourself a little credit and next time you try to pull a “so what” tell yourself you mean something and that’s the big “SO WHAT”!

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