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Appropriation vs. Celebration

On cultural appropriation vs. celebration, I would like to say that we have said a lot recently on the subject of appropriation but not enough on celebration. Have we paused in our offense to consider the difference.

Ok, get angry. You have the right but I have the right to say the following, and it’s not simply because I’m a Latina living in a world of constantly offended people who for some reason can’t see beyond their own noses to the beauty around them.

Again, get angry but I love that the people I call my friends and even those I may not know are so lovely in their multi-faceted splendor that I want to celebrate, appreciate (no appropriation here) them just as they are. If that means conversation, food, dress, family, I want to love all of it!

I want to share what I have with you. Take my ‘serapes’ and wrap them colorfully around you so that for a moment you and I are one. Let’s share an embrace that spans time and distance and language. Take the spices and the rolling rrrrs that tangle your tongue but roll off mine. Let us laugh together when you try my words so that I can try yours.

One day, my mixed children whose sandy locks no longer take their Latin hue from me will dress in my loving heritage and they will speak my language, one which we have spoken at home always and you will look at them and point “appropriation” and they will look at you with confusion because where is the appropriation there. They are me and I am them and let’s celebrate that!!

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