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Words On Whimsy

Whimsy is that thing deep inside, that part that only comes out late at night in dreams, in imaginings. We picture our feet with wings, flying from place to place, losing ourselves in fancy. We are more creative than we think. We are definitely more spontaneous than we act. We are happier. In this gentle place we are different, we are ourselves only better.

With whimsy we can believe we climb mountains higher than the snow covered peaks before us. We see ourselves in a light that glows around us creating a halo that is our higher self. It is distinctly ours, it is what we want of those around us. It is what we expect of those closest to us.

We are whimsy when we smile broadly at a stranger. We create flutters inside someone when we offer them ourselves, our brighter, friendlier self. We can change, become more of ourselves, our true self. It is possible. It is tomorrow.

When we dream, daytime wonder, wander, we look inside and find places no one knows. It is our secret to keep or share and watch as it becomes reality. Sometimes even fantasy is reality if it’s the only life we’re living. And I choose to become whimsy, flight of more, the reality that is mine to give.

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