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Summer Break My Heart

No, we are free.  However, with this freedom comes an absence.  We are a bit lost for what to do with our time.  We had been so scheduled and programmed that now I don’t know what to do from Monday to Friday, really.  Should we sign up for more classes, fill our calendar once again.  Are the kids missing out on some activity that would fulfill them, really meet them on an intellectual and physical level.  Am I no longer stimulating them sufficiently.

I should stop worrying about signing them up for another class, one that I can add to my Mother of the Year certificate which I will be printing shortly.  I should stop looking over at the Joneses who live four houses down and who haven’t slowed down a bit and are probably on track for some super gifted premiere program I don’t even know about.  I should probably calm down a bit.  We will have plenty of time in the Fall for more classes.  We will be singing up for them all.  After all, I have to justify* my homeschooling somehow.  Until then, let me see if I can somehow keep up with my two rambunctious children this Summer without putting them in classes.  That will be the real challenge.

*I’ll leave that post for another day.

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