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Santa is a big heartbreaker!

Santa has never existed in our home.  We have never had to pretend to mail letters to the North Pole.  We have never had to take the kids and stand in line for an hour just so they could sit on the Big Guy’s knee or worse yet, hear them scream because they did not want to sit on a stranger’s knee.  And who would blame them.  The concept has always mystified me.  We preach Stranger Danger and then push our little ones to kiss a musty bearded unknown.  No, the Santa story is a strange one from start to finish.

We maintain the right for any other child to believe in Santa.  I lecture the children almost daily during the Christmas season about not ruining some child’s belief in Santa.  So far they have not dashed dreams.  I do get asked, by them, why other children believe in Santa when they don’t.  Someday I will have to explain the real reason.

Because the real reason we’ve kept Santa from our kids is selfish.  See, at Christmas, Santa gets all the glory.  He watches all year to see if the kids have been naughty or nice.  He gives the best presents.  He has stolen the spotlight and I just don’t think it’s fair.  Why should he get the credit for what is rightfully mine and their father’s diligence.  We have been working all year teaching the little ones how to be on their best behavior.  We have been saving our pennies to buy the special gifts that they have put on their lists.  I don’t think it’s right to then hand over the credit at the last minute to some spotlight- hogging- pajama- wearing- over- jolly made up character.

So, yes I also have a lot of theological and moral reasons for not sharing Santa with my kids.  But the truth is simpler, I just want my kids to love me more than some imaginary man that is going to break their heart anyway.

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