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Moving Day A Chaos Of Fun

We’re moving.  There are boxes in every room of the house.  I am feeling displaced and out of sorts.  There is chaos and mess everywhere I look.  I do not like chaos and mess.    Every day I pack more boxes hoping to see some change, some diminishment of clutter, still it all looks the same and I am feeling overwhelmed.  It is always like this before a move, and I have moved a lot in my time.

I’ve been moving since before my earliest memories.  And when I do remember moving it is across several countries, over months and from the back of a large van (but that is a story for another day).  Moving is always an adventure.  It is change. It is new friends, new places to explore.  It is a new house, a new neighborhood, new neighbors.  I tell my kids that it will be fun, it is exciting and something to be excited about.  They just look at me sideways, unsure.  They have moved before but this will be the first move they remember.

This is the only house they know.  For a seven year old and an almost five year old, the last four years are the only years that matter.  We’ve had birthdays and holidays and many milestones in this house.  If walls could talk they would tell the story of a family that has lived a full and happy life here.  The family has laughed and cried here.  If walls could talk they would tell you that this is a family that loves fully and lives fully.  But walls can’t talk and that’s what I’ve learned over the years.  I’ve learned that moving is about the people that put their stuff in boxes and take it with them.  I’ve learned that as long as I am with the ones I love there is nowhere I can’t go.

Moving is an adventure because I get to do it with the people I love, with the people that matter most in the world to me.  They come with me everywhere I go.  The places around me change, the walls change, even the friends change but the memories I get to make along the way are forever and that’s what makes moving worthwhile.  So, even though right now my life is in upheaval and I can’t imagine a day when there won’t be boxes all around me, I love it.  I love change and all that it brings.  Blame it on my parents for having packed up my rattle when I was a baby but I love moving.

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