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Messy, Oh So Messy

Life is messy. Let’s admit that right now. Let’s wallow in it for a few minutes. Let’s remember all the strewn clothes we haven’t picked up today because we just can’t do it for the tenth time. Let’s remind ourselves of the stack of mail waiting to be sorted, opened, paid. Let’s plan to clean behind the refrigerator because it’s been way to long and there is no cleaning lady coming, ever. Let’s mark our calendars to take the car in for a tune-up, we’re three months late.

Okay, we’ve wallowed long enough.

See the thing about sites like Pinterest (love it), fashion blogs (guilty pleasure), and perfect home blogs (fantasy), is that they are escapism. We don’t believe that the world is that perfect. We know ever family is lovely but has it’s own problems. We can’t expect to get everything done around the house, make three gourmet meals, have witty reparte with our husbands, create a beautiful collage out of recycled items we happened to find while strolling through the park, all while fashionably dressed and perfectly coiffed.

No, the way I see it, we are searching for beauty. We are trying to find the ray of sunshine, the masterpiece. We are seeing the small, beautiful parts of our life, reflected in these prettily packaged pictures and words. We accept that everyone’s life is different and we embrace it.

So, while I admit that at times I salivate over that perfect “out of my price range by a mile” pair of boots or envy the model perfect mom with her two stylishly dressed children, I can also admire myself for waking up every single day, happy to be the flawed mother and wife that I am.

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