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Let Me Apologize

On the subject of the apology I can say this, we do not say ‘Sorry’ anymore. Which doesn’t make sense because we are not making less mistakes (some would even argue more but I don’t know those people so don’t worry.)

When you’re at the grocery store and someone bumps your cart accidentally while both of you are trying to zoom through the aisle as quickly as possible, there is no apology. Okay, let’s let this one go since we’re both in a hurry and whose fault was it anyway.

While you are waiting in line for a very important ‘thing’ and someone cuts in front of you without realizing the line actually ends behind you, once they realize their error they don’t apologize, they mumble and harrumph, half heartedly offering to get behind you. You are angry but let it slide because after all we are all in this together and behind or in front what difference does it really make.

The problem is that it doesn’t end with innocent line cutting and accidental cart butting, the apologies don’t come when it’s really important either. When was the last time a boss apologized for rude behavior to an employee or a fellow churchgoer apologized for spreading a hurtful rumor. There are all sorts of reasons for saying sorry and all sorts of people waiting to hear it.

Things happen, we know this, there are bumper stickers announcing it, but when something is wrong, no matter what the circumstances, a simple apology would be welcome. See, an apology is the simplest way to make things right. It is not the cure but it is a medicine for what ails our society. We are all in a hurry. We all have important places to be. We also all have feelings and a soul yearning for kindness.

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