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It’s Summer…Let’s have fun.

Our lives are getting busier.  It’s already July and I feel as though the summer is over.  My calendar is full until the day school starts, each minute planned out in advance.   

I remember not too long ago when days were ours.  I remember my empty calendar and lazing around with the kids, a cold glass of lemonade and popsicles on the lawn. 

They are older now, classes and friends take up our days.  I work now, that too takes up the day.  We squeeze in fun between appointments and assignments.  Yeah, I know this is life.  I know it’s not going to get any easier. 

I’ve decided to take my time back.  Not literal time, I can’t do that.  I mean the time that matters.  I’ve decided I won’t lose the moments.  I will relish the time we have, whatever it may be, because I can’t pretend that it will be any different tomorrow.

This means I need to be more intentional now about what we do with our days.  I need to take a breath occasionally and say that it’s ok to be busy.  And when I have a moment, not filled with life, I will take it, run with it, enjoy it.  My life, and that of my family, is a series of choices and I choose to live it.  As much as I can, I will live life with God at the center and my family first.

Yeah, life is busy right now, but I choose to see beauty in the moments.  

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