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I Don’t Know Anything

I will admit right here in front of you…and you…and whomever else may be reading…I don’t know anything.

I’m not talking scientifically or mathematically, those things can be learned. I am talking about that much more fundamental and existential thing called life. I am just muddling through, and listen as I say this, I am muddling through like everyone else on this planet. The basic problem begins when someone thinks they know more than the next person. And let me reiterate, I am not discussing physics or astronomy here. I am talking about when my neighbor looks at me or I look at the person next to me and say “I know more than you about life.”

Now, we have entered into some arguable territory. You might say to me “I can prove I know more than you.” And this is where you proceed to list all your accomplishments and credentials. You talk about how well you did in school, how much money you make at work, what hobbies you enjoy and, not to toot your own horn, how good you are at those as well. Okay, so now you have been defined, or at least we know all the really great things about you. Now I either want to be your very best friend in the whole world…or more likely, I want to run away screaming from this big headed, egotistical, numbnut.

The things we put on our resume, the things we list for job interviews, these things are great and I truly want each of us to take ownership of these things, because they are a piece of who we are. But what we forget to list on our accomplishment billboard is our life…that deep down dark place that defines our mental state daily.

And that’s when I have to say again, “I don’t know anything.” Every day is a clean page for me to fill in. It is the new lesson, the new plan. It is constantly changing, evolving, growing. I don’t want to know anything, that would just hinder me. It would prevent new experiences and opportunities for insight and it would definitely prevent me from learning. When you “know” everything life becomes boring and I can almost guarantee, friendless. So, let’s stop knowing and let’s start thinking.

But what do I know?

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