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I Am Okay With That

Why I feel like an inferior model of “mommy homemaker”:

1. I do not know 10 ways to use vinegar in every day cleaning. 2. I use my cast iron pan to cook most every night but still am not sure how I’m supposed to season it. 3. I do not have a go-to recipe for homemade cinnamon rolls to wake my family up on Sunday mornings.

4. I like to wake-up late and have been waiting five years for that extra half hour I now get to sleep in. 5. I do not enjoy baking. My husband does most of the baking at our house. 6. I do not coupon. I tried it for a month and just didn’t think it was worth my time. 7. I never stopped loving to shop. Yes, I enjoy buying my kids cute clothes but I enjoy buying me cute clothes more. 8. I do not love playing lego wars or drinking out of empty tea cups. 9. I sometimes look around my house and wonder when the tornado passed through. 10. I do not have a cleaning up song to make chores fun.

Why I am okay with being “just mom”:

1. My house is clean enough no matter how it is I do it. 2. I love to cook even if my pan is not just right. 3. My kids love my peanut butter and honey sandwiches in the morning.

4. When I do wake-up in the morning, my kids smile and hug me and I’m just a happier mom. 5. When my husband makes his delicious chocolate chip cookies, he shares. 6. I only buy what I need anyway and most of the coupons are for stuff I don’t need. 7. The cute dress I bought doesn’t make me a better mom but it does remind me that I am a real woman who is lucky enough to be a mom. 8. I do love taking my kids to the park, the museum, the aquarium and when we get home, I make real tea. 9. The tornado that passed through is my wonderful husband with a trail of socks, shoes and work paraphernalia and right behind him are my two kids with their favorite toys, books and babies that they happily share with each other and anyone that wants to play. (I can’t even count the blessings in this one.) 10. I do have a going to sleep song that I’ve been singing since they were born.

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