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Getting Started

Too often it becomes all about me. What is my place in the world? How can I improve myself? What am I doing wrong?  That last question is almost a daily occurrence and I’m tired of it. Tomorrow I want to focus on the positive and forget about me.

However, right now, even as I write this I am imagining what the magazines and yes, even the blogs, have to say on the subject.  and what they say is that it is all about me.  I need to focus on the inner me, I need “me time” and then everything will be better. But that’s not true. Sure an hour to myself is a wonderful luxury but does it make me forget everything I have to get done or let’s be honest, everything I should have been doing during that time I was refocusing, no. I don’t forget. In fact, I fixate, I start to panic, and what should have been relaxing “me time” becomes an hour of silent building stress. And who will this affect? My husband and my children, of course.

So, when my husband kindly offers to watch the kids while I relax and enjoy some much deserved free time, instead of thanking him I glare and say “you would like that wouldn’t you.” And I storm off with pulse racing and eyes twitching. Befuddled, he just thought he was helping.

The next time you need a little time away, ask yourself what it is you really need, maybe it is time away, take it, guilt free.  But maybe, it is time with the family, real time with the family.  The kind of stress free, sit on the back lawn, sip some lemonade and talk, kind of time.  Because the world doesn’t stop while we’re away and it’s more likely the world is actually a better place with us in it. And speaking of me…

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