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Dinner Together, Son Edition

It’s National Whipped Cream Day. We keep track of strange things like that around here. Makes life interesting when it’s National Eggs Benedict Day and you wake up to a plate of them in your face. Or on National Pie Day when your husband and kids enter a pie contest and win. Yeah, you never know what to expect.

So, I should not have been surprised when my son said we should make crepes to celebrate Whipped Cream Day. He doesn’t even eat whipped cream, or crepes. But we’re pretty programmed.

I bought ingredients for a crepe dinner, including the celebrated creamy topping. I put out a buffet of fillings and garnishes. I swirled pan after pan of thin pancake. We ate yummy crepe after yummy crepe.

Meanwhile, my son made himself a plate full of waffles sans cream. His idea, but he ate waffles.

Our family celebrates the little things probably more than we do the big. One thing he did mention on the car as he was discussing the whole crepe dinner idea, “I like when we all work together on dinner and have different things to make and parts to play to get it ready.”

Sitting down with my second crepe in front of me I realized that’s what he’d actually been wanting, a chance to help with dinner, come together as a family, celebrate. National Whipped Cream Day may just have been an excuse but it was a good one. And if he has ideas for celebrating February 10, National Umbrella Day, I’m can work with that.

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