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Bestowing Choice

Let me take a moment to dust off my soapbox, pull out my handkerchief, wipe the smudges from the last time I stepped on it.  I will gingerly place a foot upon this pedestal of pedantry and wax eloquent on subjects of which I know little and speak much.

First of all let me state the very obvious to you.  We live in a strange world.  It has come to my attention that everyone around me lives distinctly, has different ideas, disparate ways of daily life.  They all seem to be, if not progressing, at least surviving.  We call this freedom.

We are told to live life as we choose, as we see fit for ourselves.  From an early age, as young as infancy, exiting the womb, entering this world to fend for ourselves, told to make choices and follow our own path.  Yet, our very first rights and elections are made by the adults around us.  Choices are thrust upon us, we wish we could shout out our own opinions, instead we cry.  As we find our voice, we begin asserting our rights.  Our voice is created, perfectly made to assert its choice.

Why then are the loudest voices those raised in judgement?  In this great big world of ours we are sent out to live life making one decision after another.  We are then evaluated on each of our decisions.  Our neighbors, our friends, our family, look at us and judge.  It is completely unfair.  We have both choice and judgement.

We are not meant to be judges on this earth.  We are inherently and innately ill-equipped for this task.  All we can really do is try to set parameters that let us live together safely.  We aren’t really even guaranteed happiness, that is too personal.  And while we aren’t promised an equitable existence, we can make the choice to allow choice.

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