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A Poem on Cleaning

I did not want to clean today. Absolutely, positively against it was I. I would have much preferred to be outside,

Though truth be told it was awfully shivery. But the vacuuming was calling, A susurrant plea from far away. And the mop that I had set aside Was asking to come out and play.

So I did the only responsible thing, (I’m usually much against that.) I grabbed a scrub brush and a rag, I swiftly found a pail and that unruly mop. I thought a quick wipe here and there Was really all that need be done. And sure enough I did fast work Of all the chores that needed finish.

I even managed to rope in those smallish creatures that live with me, boy and girl together helped. And now that all is well and clean I’m happier for having done it so. And best of all, though neat is nice, Is that, as sunset soon comes on, I will marvel most at that beauty without.

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss, for inspiring children and adults alike to try a poem every once in a while.

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