This is Love!

I purposely didn’t write a story on Valentine’s Day. Not because I’m anti-Valentines, though I am, but because this year I didn’t even have my valentine with me. He was off visiting his mom who needed him as she is sick currently and needed a visit from him. So I was happy to share him. However as you guys know, if you’ve read any of my Valentines posts, I don’t do Valentine’s Day very well, anyway. I believe that love should be little tokens of affection everyday in many way

The Best Valentine’s Gift Ever

If you know anything about me or have read any of my posts in the past, you know that Valentines is not my favorite holiday. So, when I get a call from my husband today saying, “I wish I could have brought a bunch of flowers to your office and candy and really made a big deal about today,” I laughed because I never want that on Valentine’s Day. He knows that but he would still make a big deal if he could but it’s been a busy week so he couldn’t and I because I wouldn’t want t