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Some Kind of Superhero

Tonight, we’re sitting here in bed relaxing. Friday evening cuddles, with me already under the covers and the two of them like puppies bouncing around me.

My little girl surprises me with an out of the blue question, but that’s kind of like her, “Hey mom, tell me what I am.”

I squint my eyes at her, “What are you talking about my sweet girl?”

“You know. You’re an introvert-o.”

Ah, yes, able to leap great buildings with nothing but a book at my side and a nap at the other end, big words my weapon of choice.

“You mean an introvert darling?”

She and my son look at me, “Yeah, an introvert.”

“Well what do you think you are?” I turn the question back on her, watch her eyes get big, roll up as she thinks for a bit.

“I don’t know there’s that thing online that tells you.”

And I look at them both, knowing that nothing in life tells you, prepares you. So, instead I ask the only question I can ask, “Only you know what you are so tell me, and this is what it really comes down to, at the end of the day, and it’s been a really long day, you’ve been at school all day, what do you most want to do?”

My son looks at me, “Read a book and play Legos,” he says right away.

My daughter who started it all, looks at me and says, “I want to be with my friends.”

So, yeah, I know she’s an extrovert and he’s an introvert. I knew it all along. But I wanted them to tell me. It’s not my job to tell them who they are. They need to know who they are, who God made them to be every step of the way. There’s certainly no online test that’s gonna tell them that.

Sometimes the topic is introvert-extrovert and sometimes it’s about how each of their little hearts and minds is made to make a difference in this world because God made them especially for that.

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