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On Miracles and Peace

This is what children have that we lose as adults, total Faith.  See, while reading a bedtime story to my son, while telling him about a sinking ship and the cry of the sailors, the last minute shout for help, and the ship that came to the rescue, my son got that he too could cry out at the last minute and help would come.  And my cynical heart wanted to say, “But sometimes help doesn’t come, sometimes the ship is lost.”

I believe miracles happen. We wake up in the morning.  The sun rises.  The Lord loves us and bestows his Grace on our undeserving selves.  I believe in the water turned into wine and the blind man that was healed.  There are countless stories of miracles.  Even today the miracles continue.  I hope you have experienced them, acknowledged them for what they are, miracles.  I have my own.  I totally believe.

I also believe that sometimes bad things happen, death, illness so scarring, so painful, sadness so profound it takes us to depths we can’t escape.  I believe that sometimes a miracle is needed but none comes and we cry out at the last minute and wait and get nothing.  I believe God is there and he cries with us and loves us and stands there by our side and holds our hand.  That is where God meets us, wraps us in his arms, whispers His love into our heart, gives a peace that leaves us trembling and tearful.

Yes, miracles do happen.  But sometimes the miracle is that Peace wraps itself tightly around us and let’s us know that tomorrow the sun will still shine and God loves us and Heaven is real.  Life is like that.  Life is a series of good and bad.  But in the context of the greater story, the God story, it really isn’t, it all ends up as a Big good.  So, I tell my son to cry out at the last minute any time he wants because miracles happen.

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