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Love To Heal The Brokeness

This is what we need, to fill our our children with love, breathe it into them so that it overflows.  We need them to feel so intensely cherished that they go out and share it with the world.  When they see sorrow they comfort with their brimming love, caulk the cracks until it is glued back together.  It is only a truly loved child that can go out into the world whole and unbroken.  It is an adored child that can give back to this broken world.

It is our calling and should be the easiest task before us.  It should be the most self evident job out there.  Yet, we have forgotten how to love from the bottom of our hearts.  We have neglected the helpless for too long.  Because love is more than just saying a few words every once in awhile, it is more than a hug and a kiss, and it is definitely more than handing over the purse strings.

Love is commitment, acceptance, boundaries, building self esteem, saying no.  Love is wrapping up a child so tightly in prayer and hope that their world is bright even on dark days.  A child should know the difference between love and the more fleeting fancies offered by this fickle world.  Because let’s be clear, the world offers its own versions of love and they have nothing to do with the real thing.

Which is so sad because love moves mountains, changes lives, insert any cliche here.  It is all true though, love does all those things, it makes a difference because it makes people want to be better.  Love accomplishes, affects, changes, forms, creates.  We sing songs.  We implement programs.  But what we should be doing is just plain old loving.  Looking into their little souls and saying, “You are seen, acknowledged, and valued.”  This world needs some people who grow up with a sense of worth.  We need people who know someone cared for them from the beginning.

See, we expect broken people to be the problem solvers of today.  That doesn’t make any sense.  We can’t fix brokenness with more brokenness.  So let’s start from the beginning.  Let’s take the little ones.  Let’s take the pure and unsullied beautiful ones.  Let us start loving them.

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