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Knowing Things May Be Overrated

It’s not that I’m not attempting to keep current, I read the papers. I try to use my brain for more than just meal planning. And I certainly manage to carry on a conversation with other adults, though to what extent, I no longer know. All I’m trying to say is that I am a mid thirties mom, doing my best to feed, clothe and educate my children while still keeping a bit of the me that was before.

So, even after writing this, I still don’t know if someday I will be prepared to enter the world as an educated and valuable member of the working class. I certainly don’t know if I will ever again be able to spend eight hours in a business suit and high heels. I don’t know if business jargon will be the same and if I will be qualified to sit at a desk, much less accomplish important tasks. I don’t know yet, but I suppose it’s not time for that. I will have to face that day later, though, but for now I don’t have to know anything.

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