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It’s Fall!

Yes, it is officially Fall around our house. Leaves fall, get raked up, and back again. Pumpkins, Halloween, these are all indications of Fall. Around our house, though, the truest sign of Fall’s arrival is the first root vegetable stew.

Since the weather has been mild till now, I haven’t craved this seasonal treat. But today, it felt right. The evenings are cool, even if days are still warm. It’s Friday, end of the week rest around here. And, the root vegetables were out in colorful bundles at the grocery store. The trifecta for a warm dinner.

Each family has their own traditions. But I love that when the air is laced with tangy roasted veggies my family runs expectantly to the dinner table.

(Well, all except my son. If you’ve read many of my family stories you’ll know he’ll be making his own dinner of cheese sandwich. That’s ok. I look forward to the day he too loves our Fall stews.)

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