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Last week we were in the home of some acquaintances. You know when adults and kids are kind of forced into mingling situations.

Adults have to make conversation and kids have to be around other children that they don’t normally play with and they have to figure out how to make it work.

There is usually some back and forth “what do you want to play, what do you want to play?”

But eventually they do figure it out and everyone has a good time (adults and kids). At least that’s how it’s always been up until now.

Apparently we’ve reached a different stage. Now, we’re in the stage of devices and special friends. My kids are 10 and 12 by the way, did I mention that part? And I didn’t know it happened so early.

I didn’t find any of this out until after we left the home that afternoon. The kids were quick to tell me that the whole time they had been there the other two had been on their devices talking to who knows who, video chatting etc., while my two twiddled their thumbs and wandered around looking for things to do.

In my mind I mentally vetoed ever going back. The funny thing is, I never heard my two say anything of the sort (somehow I’ve raised more socially mature human beings than myself), who know it is unacceptable behavior to ignore your company.

So, yes, my kids will continue to play, asking any child they meet, at least for the foreseeable future “what do you want to play?”

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