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Crisis of Confidence

My husband has a mantra he repeats with the kids a few times a week as needed, “What does life take?” And the kids answer back, “Practice and confidence.”

You know at the gym where the spin instructor screams out, “I can’t hear you.” That’s what I always imagine when they do this back and forth. Yet, it works. The kids know what dad is asking and repeat it and in small ways we see the results in their daily lives.

So, today, I need someone to yell in my face, “Agape, what does life take?” Only I’ll probably whimper back, “Uhm, I don’t know.” Because right now, I don’t know what life takes. Right now, I’m not feeling that the years of practice and confidence have accumulated to much of anything. And I’m just kind of pedaling against the wind right now.

Still, I like that he included both practice and confidence, because sometimes you don’t get to the confidence without the practice and all the time it’s the practice that gives you confidence.

I may be lacking in the confidence right now but I can keep up the practice, keep moving forward, make the effort and do the work, the confidence will come.

So you can yell as much as you like, bike instructor, my voice isn’t strong enough to yell back but I’m still pedaling.

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