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Commitment is not a four letter word

Commitment is an uncomfortable word. It means keeping your television even though you’ve had it two years and the newer model boasts superior…stuff. It means, that even though your car has to go into the shop a couple times a year for maintenance, and a little more than just maintenance, you keep it around because you don’t need the newest car with built in bum warmers.

It means that even if you have to throw something out because it is broken and truly no longer serves its intended purpose, you don’t have to jump right out and buy the biggest and best. It means that when you look around you and you find you aren’t completely satisfied with your surroundings, you don’t just junk it and start over. It means that the neighbors may seem to be having more fun but that’s only the outside and looks are often deceptive.

Most importantly, it means that when things start to go wrong in your relationships, husband, wife, friend, parent, you don’t go into silent treatment mode or avoidance mode. It means you start fighting for what you want and expect from yourself and those around you. In a relationship commitment is the only thing left when the fighting begins. It means sticking to the good things in life even when it seems too hard.

I’ve been learning slowly but ever so truly that there will always be something better around the corner. It’s inevitable. If you just bought the latest phone, the next week they announce a better one. If you eat at one restaurant, the one next door looks more crowded and the people seem to be having a better time.

I find that what helps me stay on track, keeps me from desiring the bigger and the better, the only thing that helps me stay grounded, is focusing on the beautiful things right in front of my face. I marvel at the wonder of my daughter’s smile. I find joy in seeing my son fight dragons to save the day. My heart swells when my husband works on a special project all his own.

See, there will always be something better around the corner, if you are only looking at the material. But if you are focusing on the truth and beauty of your creator and the blessings He has bestowed on you, you will know that you have the best there is. Or you will find ways to make that true.

And that may be the crux of the matter, figure out what you want out of life before you start running after every pleasure and thrill the world might offer. Because there are many and every single one claims to offer the best and newest form of satisfaction. I’m not against the fun things of life, they’re great, but I know they are temporary and fragile.

So that, even when things have not gone exactly as you planned, commitment is saying, “I’m okay with this, what I have right now.” It may be the hardest thing you ever have to do because it requires acceptance, self-evolving, and shrugging off the world’s expectations. But the next day, when you wake up, you’ll find that what you’ve really done is found contentment.

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