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Security Blankets For Mommies and Daddies

We find it difficult, in our cynical and clouded minds to remember, sometimes, what it’s like to believe unconditionally. Do you remember the last time you felt that overpowering feeling you get when you know something to be true. Not the wishy-washy does it or doesn’t it, that we have to go through in our now skeptical minds. A child’s mind is built on absolutes.

Then why do we find it difficult to understand that what we tell them, they will believe without question.

So, when my son said, “Mom, there are monsters in my room when you turn off the light,” I had two choices. I could have said, “Oh, no! We will have to get rid of those monsters quick.” And gone on to play an elaborate game of Go Away Monster. Or, and this is the way I went, I said, “I know you’re scared at night, but there are no monsters.” So much simpler.

I validated his emotions but didn’t let it overcome the situation. I know that there are arguments on both sides of this scenario. Some kids just aren’t going to buy it right away, monsters are real to them. As real as anything else in their life. But I did what I knew would in the long run be a lasting solution.

See kids are literal, if my son believes there is a monster and I say there isn’t then we get to work on the real fear instead. It may take a little longer to convince him of this, but I will have left him with the security of no monsters, absolutely, positevely.

Another example, if my daughter runs up to me and starts telling me about how the Angels are her friends and one day she will get to talk to them in person, again, I have two choices. I can say, with all my adult baggage and insecurity, “Well, I don’t know about this whole angel thing…” Or, and this is what I choose, I can describe to her what the Bible tells us about Angels, “Did you know that Angels have appeared to people in the Bible and sometimes God sends Angels to be with us.”

Why is it so much easier for us to let them believe in fairies, monsters, Santa, and other invisible notions, than the concept of God. Are we protecting them or just passing off our weak faith and simple understanding? Let’s try this for a change. Next time your child brings up something as fantastical as God or Angels, ask them what they think about it and why it is so important to them. Maybe we’ll learn a thing or two.

We are so quick to agree to the monsters and fairies in their life, why aren’t we accepting their God as well.

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