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Say It Like You Mean It

Mothers, please start using your stern voices.

When your child runs away from you, don’t coax and coddle them back, let them know certainly and finally to, “come back.” Telling a child over and over to “come back sweetie, come back…”, leaving your voice hanging at the end, that allows the child to disobey.

And believe me when I say this, your child is smart…oh, you knew that already. So, then why are you giving them choices about their bad behavior. When there is no firmness in your demands a child will choose their own way every time.

However, if you make your commands final, your voice firm and unbending, the child has no other option but to obey. With confidence behind your bidding you are not only making firm your choices but you are also letting your child know that you know best. And a child needs to know that.

See, their world is fragile. They are afraid of the dark, bad guys, monsters in the closet. To them these are real things. The thing that needs to be bigger than their fears is you. Because you are going to be the one letting them know the bad guys have nothing on you. You can take them…but not with your wishy, washy voice.

Being firm is not being mean, it is loving them so much you want only the best for them. It’s a matter of safety, security and unbridled love. Moms, go into the bathroom, look at yourself in the mirror and repeat after me, “I am the boss.” And this time, say it like you mean it.

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