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What Mom Taught Me

Things I learned from my mother, the short version:

1. Being polite and helping someone out are more important than smiling at every one you pass.

2. Wearing high heels is for grown-ups but when it is time to wear them, stand tall.

3. A neat house doesn’t happen magically, either you pick up as you go along or get a cleaner.

4. Make-up is just part of getting dressed in the morning.

5. A hug a day is required.

6. Wake up in the morning reminding yourself of all that is beautiful.

7. When things don’t seem beautiful someone always has it worse.

8. Be completely in the moment but don’t let the moment change who you are. 

9. Be a strong voice for others.

10. There are ups and downs in life, so being on the downside means you’re headed up.

11. Loving someone means giving them everything you have.

12. The sun rises every day, whether you open the curtains is up to you.

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