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Every year, I say, “This was a crazy summer!” And every year I mean it, but then the next summer is even crazier, busier, more exciting. Call it what you want, summers go by in a whirlwind of activity.

More so, even, since my kids have been going off to the grandparents the last four years. I don’t just mean trading off each year, one set or the other. No, both, every summer.

That means that four weeks of the summer I don’t even get to see my kids. I miss them when they’re gone.

However, it also means that when they are home, we play hard. Every weekend up in the mountains camping or riding quads or hiking.

By the time school rolls around I look at their suntanned faces and wonder how we’re going to get back in the routine of school and piano lessons and sleep schedules. It’s overwhelming.

As I write this, my kids are still off in California enjoying some Grandparent’s time. I haven’t bought school supplies yet, am not even thinking about school lunches, and am trying my hardest to get all caught up with work so when they do get back we can spend the last week before school enjoying each other’s company.

I can’t wait to give them a big hug when they come home but I’m also a little worried about all that we have to do to get ready for a new school year.

I guess as my son put it when we spoke on the phone yesterday, “I’m not worried about it mom. It’s just school.”

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