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Genius is Messy

One of the main things we do is keep an easel with a blank canvas always ready for their inspired days. I have boxes of paints at the ready. Brushes, paint tubes, a plastic mat, I have everything there, ready, for them to release their creativity.

Even so, most days I am reluctant to get out all the necessary equipment. See, I always know how painting day is going to end. I know there will be slashes of red and blue across little legs. I know fingers will be covered in now indistinguishable shades of acrylic paint. I know that a cup of sludgy water will be spilled or I’ll find footprints leading from the kitchen to the bathroom.

I scrub paint off all the splattered surfaces. I send both of them into the bathroom, to wash off their hands, face, toes. I rinse off brushes, the oil cloth tarp, and the water cups. Only when I’ve thoroughly inspected the kids for hidden stains, only then are they allowed to go play in their rooms. And I’m left putting away all the materials until the next time I’m brave enough to unleash their genius.

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