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Funny Faces For Family

My kids giggle and make faces.  They hop around and hang upside down.  All of this just to get a smile from their four month old cousin.  He turns his head from one side to the other trying to follow the action.  His babbles become louder and my kids laugh.  He becomes the entertainment.

This is the second month taking care of our baby cousin.  We are having fun with him.  He arrives in the morning wide eyed, as if he’s surprised that he’s with us once again.  And the kids, well they are happy to see him so they jump towards his car seat which may account for some of the wide eyes.  They beg me to take him out right away.  I am barely awake but do as they tell me.

I make breakfast with him on my hip.  It reminds me of when my little girl was a baby and breakfast was for one.  Now, I have two asking for food and a third needing attention.  I stand in my robe hoping I get to drink my hot beverage before ten.  Still, we are developing a routine, the kids as much as me.  They do their parts well.  They are patient and kind to their little cousin.  He is sweet to them.

This is what I want for my children.  I want them to grow up laughing.  I want them to have fun.  I want them to love fully.  I want them to know that they will have each other forever and ever.  Because at the end of the day friends are fickle and the world is uncertain but their family, that will be forever.

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