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Creativity Can Save the World

In our house we have ipads, iphones, laptops, the gamut of devices for music and game playing and move watching.  sometimes this causes problems with screen time overuses and conversations about how much time is too much time and when should it all be taken away (which happens).

But, sometimes, as is the case right now, the kids forget we own devices.  The go out into the garage and dig through the recycling looking for shoe boxes and cardboard bits and pieces.  Loaded down with what I consider trash and they consider treasure, they start their work.  Building computers, laptops ad ipads out of cardboard, scribbling secret codes and diligently marking out the keyboards in a pattern that only makes sense to them, they play for hours.  The very same devices that lie tossed aside are now built out of detritus and painstakingly designed by little artists and engineers with glue, tape and markers.

I know our world is fast and full of distractions, but there are still moments of light in the dark.  We can talk all day about politics and the degradation of our society and those things are happening and are important.  But for bits of time, I like to think that my children using their imaginations and creativity will one day serve a greater purpose and help mitigate some of the bad that out in the world.  It’s something I hope for, dearly.

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